There was something about this website I didn’t like much. I’m not sure why. I don’t know if it was the basic, white website with the oddly-placed pictures, or the weird font on the blue background, but something about it just didn’t lure me in.

If I’m honest, looks like something a bunch of Grannies put together after realising the talent in their own town wasn’t that great. It’s not a professional looking website, and every single photo in the gallery looks completely staged…. Although I think that’s the point.


On the registration page, you get the chance to see the newest members, and for a Granny dating website, there were an awful lot of youngsters on it.

Laura, 26 years old, Gemma, 33 years old, Shell, 26 years old…

I really don’t understand why young women join a Granny dating website.

You do have email authentication, which I feel is a valid point in’s  favour.

Ease of Use

Considering this website has such a crap outlook from the home page, the rest of the website is pretty standard once you’ve logged on.

I couldn’t find much in the form of a blog, which I think most dating websites should have without saying these days, and the amount of people in their ‘Sex diaries’ that said “No one’s messaging back!” or something along those lines were pretty off-putting…

Selection of Grannies

There seemed to be a lot of women on this website, but again, a lot of them were a lot younger than I would have wanted. When you register on a Granny dating website, you hope there are going to be Grannies. Imagine my surprise when at least five of the fifteen women ‘Most Viewed Today’ were under the age of 30!

One thing I will say about the women on is that they DO NOT message back! Out of about twenty messages I sent out in week one of being on the site, only two of them got back to me. Now, I know what you’re thinking – I might be ugly. Well, I have better luck on most of the other Granny dating sites I’m signed up to, so I’m going to blame it on this one site alone.

Value for Money

At £25.50, that’s a lot of money to pay out for a one month membership, especially when none of the lovely ladies seem to reply to your messages. The benefits are pretty standard when it comes to the upgrade package but honestly, it’s a total waste of time when no one on the website seems to respond. It’s all pretty disappointing really.


*Simple website, easy to use

*Quick registration


*No email authentication – more chance of fake profiles

*Not enough older, more mature women

*Too many young girls

*None of the members seem to message back

*No blog

*Star rating: 1/5*

Well, I didn’t have the best luck with this site. Very few messages back and a pretty expensive membership fee to be ignored. I only lasted a week on this site, and I probably won’t be going back.